It was getting dark and my husband spotted “Junior” in our front yard. I thought the light was too low to get anything good but figured I might as well try it. We have at least two rabbits that live in the woods behind our house and both are pretty used to me and my camera. I carefully went out on the front porch and started the shoot and scoot. I ended up very close to him and had plenty of light with a shallow depth of field. The fact that he was perfectly still helped immensely. 


About Beverly Everson Photography

I'm a photographer in southwest Alabama. I love to photograph people, nature, wildlife and just about anything! God created a beautiful world and I bring you a fresh look at it every single day.
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6 Responses to Junior

  1. Scott says:

    Good shot. The low light worked out very well. Love the depth.

  2. Idaho_Birder says:

    I love the focus and symmetry of the shot. Even the two taller pieces of grass on each side add interest. Very cool!

  3. Kimberley [@ladywoodpecker] says:

    I love this, Beverly! This bunny has character! Lovely photo!

  4. Rich Leighton says:

    Wow!!! Beverly – this is incredible! I hope market the hell out of this one for next Easter!

  5. Rich Leighton says:
  6. carolyn says:

    WOW!!! Look at those eyes…tooo sweet!

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