Fence Sitter


I saw this small bird at the beach yesterday. The underside was a soft yellow.

Thanks for all the help identifying this bird! It is a Western Palm Warbler.


About Beverly Everson Photography

I'm a photographer in southwest Alabama. I love to photograph people, nature, wildlife and just about anything! God created a beautiful world and I bring you a fresh look at it every single day.
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2 Responses to Fence Sitter

  1. Birding_Is_Fun says:

    I’m new to eastern warblers, but I’d say Palm Warbler – brown (western). That strong face pattern is misleading, but I can’t see any other warblers in the field guide that have that bright yellow undertail coverts.

  2. Dan says:

    looks like a greater pewee vs. dusky flycatcher; body too long, bill too large for most warblers, but i am no expert

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