Cold Day At Gator Lake

Gator Lake is part of the Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge in south Alabama. A photographer friend and I made a trip down there yesterday morning. It was very cold but the wind was the worst. We hiked about a mile to the lake and around to the observation tower. It was my day to plan our trek and I had planned for us to also walk on to the beach and make a 4 mile loop back to the car. Well, by the time we got to the lake I was ready to go home!!!! I was frozen despite dressing for the weather. Thankfully, we finally saw a bird; a great blue heron was out in the water looking for fish. I photographed that one heron as if it were the best thing ever; never mind it was a half mile away! I was determined to go home with some photos!! The wind died down temporarily and it was almost pleasant. All of a sudden there was a big ruckus and I told Phyllis, "I hear a kingfisher." Then I saw the bird and changed my mind. I was confused and finally figured out the problem. It sounded like a kingfisher but it was huge!!! I've never seen one that big. About that time the wind started up and we shuffled back to the car. It was not a pleasant day to be out taking pictures. We have great admiration for photographers who brave numbing cold and excruciating conditions to get that one spectacular shot! 















About Beverly Everson Photography

I'm a photographer in southwest Alabama. I love to photograph people, nature, wildlife and just about anything! God created a beautiful world and I bring you a fresh look at it every single day.
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2 Responses to Cold Day At Gator Lake

  1. eileen says:

    Beautiful photos, it looks like a great place to visit.

  2. Samokhafalof alain says:

    Amazing image.

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