Red-Shouldered Hawk


During my recent photo trip to Tallahassee, FL I stopped at a neighborhood park. The skies were cloudy and growing darker with the approaching dusk. I was wandering around shooting the blooming trees and an occasional bird. There was a small lake with a blue heron parked in the middle, paying no apparent attention to anything else. A lady walking her dog saw me and asked if I'd seen the red-shouldered hawk. Of course, I hadn't so I followed her to where she'd seen it last. It wasn't there but quickly appeared. The hawk also seemed to pay no mind to the people and dogs on leashes. It flew into some heavy brush and trees along the banks of the lake but it let me get a few shots here and there. It was exciting stuff! 


About Beverly Everson Photography

I'm a photographer in southwest Alabama. I love to photograph people, nature, wildlife and just about anything! God created a beautiful world and I bring you a fresh look at it every single day.
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7 Responses to Red-Shouldered Hawk

  1. Rich Leighton says:

    No way!!!! That’s amazing! 🙂 GREAT shot, Beverly!

  2. Bonnie Gunkel says:

    He is beautiful! I’m glad you were able to get so close. Fabulous shot Beverly!

  3. Julie G says:

    Exciting indeed! Superb photograph, Beverly!

  4. Dominic Gendron says:

    Simply perfect image! Love it…in fact im jalous!

  5. johnsisland says:

    Love this one! Wonderful capture, Beverly!

  6. Out Walking the Dog says:

    Gorgeous bird, and great photo.

  7. Mark White says:

    Awesome grab! I’ve never been able to get that close to one.

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